Conductive Rubber Gasket
Technical Specifications

Our electromagnetic shielding gaskets are based on silicone or fluoro silicone, loaded with electrically conductive particles. To best meet your shielding requirement and resistance to galvanic effects, we use several types of loads: Ag / Al; Ni / Al; Ag / glass; Ni / C. Carbon nanotube (CNT) …

These gaskets are extruded, they can also be molded.

When extruded, these gaskets can be solid or tubular to adapt their softness to your mechanical constraints.

Our extruded EMI shielding gaskets are supplied ring vulcanized for a better handling while mounting in your equipment, or available in reels.

In addition, we can also perform 3/5/8 axis CNC machining of your mechanics and deliver our shielding gaskets preassembled in your mechanics. Tell us about your project!

ReferenceProfile dimensions
Extruded round sectionDiameter 0.6~35mm
Extruded rectangular section0.2~20mm high x max 100mm wide
Molded round sectionMin Diameter 0.8mm

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