dB-Twin Gasket
Technical Specifications

The dB-TWIN gasket is designed based on a silicone core and with a partial or full coating of a silicone that is loaded with conductive particles. These 2 materials are extruded at the same time, which gives them excellent mechanical and electrical properties. As the dB-TWIN gasket is predominantly made of silicone, it has an obvious economic advantage, and brings much lower Shore hardness than a conventional silicone gasket.

The dB-TWIN gasket can withstand salt spray exposure for more than 720h and provide IP67 sealing.

The silicone core can be fluorinated for better hydrocarbon resistance. It can also be replaced by another type of elastomer.


The dB-TWIN gasket exists in several configurations:

dB-TWIN-CS: soft partially coated gasket

dB-TWIN-TS: soft bi-material gasket

dB-TWIN-T: bi-material gasket

dB-TWIN-OS: soft tubular gasket with total coating

dB-TWIN-O: full coated tubular gasket


Several profiles of these configurations already exist, but we adapt the profile of these gaskets to your mechanics for an optimal efficiency.

The loaded part of the dB-TWIN gasket is loaded with specific particles to achieve your shielding requirement and to resist to galvanic effects. Among these loads, we use: Ag / Al; Ni / Al; Ag / Cu; Ag / glass; Ni / C …

We provide these gaskets in rolls or as vulcanized sections to allow a simpler and faster mechanical assembly and a more efficient IP sealing result.

We can supply it in an adhesive-coated version if necessary.

ReferenceLoadHardness Shore AShielding Efficiency (dB)

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