EMI Absorber
Technical Specifications

Several materials are used in order to meet each range of absorptions or operating temperatures. The range of DB-ABS-N, based on neoprene, covers frequencies from 1GHz to 35 GHz.

Our DB-ABS-N absorbers are also available as cut pieces to your shape, for an easy installation during your assemblies.

We can also deliver them pre-assembled in our shielding cases.

Other ranges of absorbers are also available. Let’s talk about your application together to offer you the best technical solution covering your frequency or your frequency band.

ReferenceThickness (mm)Frequency (GHz)Reflectivity (dB)
DG-ABS-N-035GA0.80.83517 ~20
DG-ABS-N-030GA11.03017 ~20
DG-ABS-N-015GA1.21.21517 ~20
DG-ABS-N-010GA1.71.71017 ~20
DG-ABS-N-9.4GA1.81.89.417 ~20
DG-ABS-N-5.5GA2.82.85.517 ~20
DG-ABS-N-3GA5.15.1317 ~20
DG-ABS-N-2.5GA6.56.52.517 ~20

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