FIP Gasket
Technical Specifications

With no tool and with a faster achievement time, they are an ideal solution in the prototyping step.

Several types of loads are available to match your targeted frequency ranges (Ni / Al, Ni / C, Ag / Cu, and avoid galvanic couples phenomena.

We realize their designs and their deposits on your foundries from our site in France, using our machine equipped with a corrector to compensate the possible defects of flatness of your parts, to ensure a seal of constant dimensions.

We can also provide you with the raw material for you to make your own gasket deposition, using your manufacturing lines.

A technological alternative exists when the IP function is not required:  the metal gasket. We help you select the best solution for your equipment according to your technical requirements and targeted quantities.

ReferenceFunctionMechanical compensation in heightShielding
Joints déposés FIPIP et CEM0.8mm90dB

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