Metal Gasket
Technical Specifications

Metal gaskets are an alternative technology to the  FIP conductive gaskets. This alternative technology is used when the IP function is not required.

When this solution is chosen from the design of your equipment, it allows to benefit from many advantages making it economically interesting (reduce the thickness of the walls of your cavities and the number of clamping screws, reduce the cost of logistics transport …)

The metal EMI gaskets are provided with metal springs ensuring a good contact of the lower and upper part of your mechanics, even when this one is not rectified in flatness. These gaskets are available in several materials and treatments (stainless steel, CuBe … Ni, Ag, Sn, flash treatments …).

During their conception, we shield the target frequencies by adjusting the pitch of the gaskets’ springs. We help you to select the best solution for your equipment, according to your technical requirements and targeted quantities.

ReferenceFunctionMechanical compensation in heightShielding
Metal GasketOnly EMI1mm100dB

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