Technical Specifications

By using this Stamping process, we realize different types of products such as SMT version grounding contacts, EMI shielding cases etc ….

In order to produce all these components in volume at a competitive cost, complex manufacturing tools must be realized. These tools are composed of a lower matrix that will correspond to the outer shape of the piece, and an upper matrix that will achieve the inner shape. To limit costs during the development phase, we propose to manufacture functional prototypes by combining both processes of chemical etching (Photo Etching) and bending.

Once the desired performance is achieved, Stamping Series Tooling makes perfect sense.

The Deep Drawn shielding housings have no slot, which increases the shielding performance compared to a bended version.

All stamping components are available in bulk, in trays or in reels per your requirements.

From 0.2 to 1.5mmTinned steel, Stainless steel, Nickel Silver, Cu / BeNickel, Silver, Flash Gold, Tin

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