Heat Sink
Caractéristiques techniques

We manufacture the heat sinks by using the methods the most adapted to your technical requirements: extrusion, CNCskiving, welding of thin fins, folding, cold forging …

Our heatsinks can also be equipped with a heat pipe system to increase their thermal performance.

To minimize the contact resistances of the electronic component – heatsink system, the heat sinks are equipped with a thermal conductivity material of TIM type or a thermal paste, or to a phase change thermal interface. We can deliver these subassemblies composed of our heatsink on which we previously apply our thermal interface. Contact us!

Our heat sinks are custom-made, based on your specifications or conform to a design that you have previously established.

Our thermal engineers also carry out your thermal simulations to validate your designs.

HEAT SINKCu, Al, Stainless SteelNi, passivation, anodization…

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